What is teeth retainer and important information about it

Everyone wants a perfect smile with a straight-set of teeth. People with unaligned teeth go for the braces. It is a time-consuming process but it’s worth a wait. Retainers usually come after the treatment of braces. Orthodontics recommends retainers to keep the teeth aligned after the braces.  You can say that braces are the treatment for teeth alignment and to maintain the process retainers are used. Let’s see why retainers are important, can a retainer fix gap without braces and why should one use them other than braces.

For children

Usually, children may cause damage to their teeth even after braces. It’s hard for them to keep safe after the treatment. To make sure that your money is not wasted and your child doesn’t go with uneven teeth, retainers are best for children, they are easy to use and reliable of keeping teeth aligned. It might be hard to train … Read More...

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