Do I Need to Make Health Insurance?

Pain is undesirable, but it can happen to anyone. Whether it has been prevented or not, if it hurts the impact is certainly large. No exception to your and your family’s finances. So, therefore, health insurance such as the Health insurance Bangkok may be useful for you to avoid the sudden expenditure of expenses soaring when sick.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a system of dealing with medical costs by insurance provider agencies. Of course, the sick who are covered by medical expenses are people who have been registered with insurance.

As you already know, the risk of experiencing pain is unpredictable. Well, this is when insurance can be your savior from large losses due to medical care costs.

Technically, if someone who is covered (someone who has insurance) will fall ill one day, the insurer (the health insurance party) will provide health care costs to the hospital, clinic, or pharmacy. For example, the cost of consulting a doctor, the cost of medicines, the cost of hospitalization, to the cost of surgery.

Of course, the people who have insurance, need to pay premiums or installments regularly to get this health insurance. Coverage of costs by health insurance will be done based on contracts or agreements that apply between the two parties.

Why do I make health insurance?

When you fall sick, expenses that should not be there are there so you can recover quickly. Moreover, no one knows when it will get sick and how long the disease lasts. The longer the disease is left, the costs incurred may also continue to surge. This is what disturbs the stability of the household economy.

That’s why actually everyone actually needs insurance. Supposing, you are getting ready “umbrella ready before it rains” with a reserve of funds that can be utilized if you later fall ill.

In addition, the factors below can also be a consideration for you to make insurance for health.

  • Age factor. The older, a person will be more susceptible to certain diseases.
  • Job factor. Certain professions make you more vulnerable to unwanted things like injuries, illness, and others.
  • Human factor. This can happen because of the mistakes of the people themselves, for example, being less careful so that they experience a traffic accident or your lifestyle is not healthy enough to be susceptible to illness.
  • Environmental factor. Natural disasters, riots, fires or other tragedies can also threaten your health condition.

These four things can certainly happen to anyone and at any time. So, by having insurance, you will be guaranteed:

  • Providing a sense of security and protection in health matters.
  • Insurance can function as savings.
  • With insurance, the risk of going out of large costs does not need to occur at once at the same time.
  • Health expenses are more controlled.