Other functions of mosques

The existence of mosques for Indonesian people may be familiar because the majority of people adhere to Islam. Almost every corner of the village, village, alley, to the city where the mosque is very easy to find. This is certainly different from the existence of mosques in countries that are not predominantly Muslim, such as in Europe or America.

As a place of worship for Muslims, mosques in Indonesia also have various forms, activities, management, and sizes. This is adjusted to who, what is the background of the manager, to what is the environmental background of the mosque’s existence. The mosque in the village is certainly different from the mosque in the city.

In the village, the function of the mosque is still only a place of worship. Whereas in the city, mosques are far from that, apart from carrying out their main function as places of worship, mosques also carry out educational, social, and cultural traditions functions. Even so, it does not rule out that residents in rural areas also carry out other functions, but it is not too intense.

In cities we often find teaching activities, namely educational activities in mosques. This education is religious education which is usually carried out by school students with one teacher. Including the activities of the mosque which are identical to be carried out by mothers as recitation activities. In the city, mosques are also often used for social activities, such as donations for orphans to

However, there are several things that presumably have other functions that support the activities of urban communities.

“Rest” function

In the city of mosques are designed very comfortably. The facilities offered are quite diverse, from toilets, carpets, gardens, to the spacious hallway. Therefore, this location is certainly very convenient to use as a resting location.

In fact, it is clear that urban communities are now using mosques as a convenient resting location. Usually they rest after praying. The mosque is also comfortable for resting long trips, just to unwind and get tired, the mosque is always comfortable to be used as a resting place to continue long trips.

On the toll road route, there is always a resting place where we can see the mosque is always full, even more than just full of worshipers, but also resting worshipers. Or even, just a place to ‘lie down’ or fall asleep.