Scientifically Proven Foods that Can Harm or Help Your Sleep

We all need good food to live and lead a healthy life. However, it is very important for us to be careful about what we eat and when we eat some foods.

One of the opinions which were shared on points to the fact that your choice of food can either harm your sleep or help you sleep better. Understanding what these foods are is very important especially if you are one that buys from food and drink online stores. In this article, we shall be examining some scientifically proven foods that can harm or help you sleep.

Scientifically Proven Foods That Can Harm Your Sleep

  • Red wine

While many people think taking red wine can help to make you feel drowsy, scientific research says otherwise. Research shows that excess intake of red wine can affect the quality of your sleep. This is because red wine contains alcohol that has the possibility of knocking you off sleep. While it may make you feel drowsy immediately, you will not get a quality sleep from taking it.

  • Fatty foods

The night time while you are preparing to sleep is not the best time to eat fatty foods. This is because this type of food always takes a long while to digest. Indigestion can affect your digestive health and cause you to be uneasy all through the night. Heavy and fatty foods make it hard for your body to relax and get the sleep it needs to recharge for the next day.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine enhances our alertness and as such it is not best to take it when preparing to sleep. The content of caffeine blocks chemical production in the brain that causes us to sleep. Instead of enhancing sleep, caffeine increases the adrenaline level in the body.

Scientifically Proven Foods That Help You Sleep Better

  • Carrots

Taking some carrots before going to bed has been proven to be a very helpful way of improving the quality of your sleep. According to a research, carrots contain alpha-carotene which is a sleep-promoting nutrient. Whether it is canned carrot or carrot juice, you can enhance your sleep with carrot.

  • Cherry Juice

Cherry juice has been found to increase melatonin levels in the body. With increased melatonin levels, you can enjoy longer and better sleep duration. This is one supplement that is recommended for anyone who is struggling to get a good night rest after a long day at work.

  • Walnuts

Another rich source of melatonin for the body is walnut. According to scientific study, walnuts are a great sleeping option for humans. You can take these walnuts raw or have it blended into your meal to improve your sleep level.

Going back to where we started from, what you eat can affect the quality of your sleep. It is very important that you avoid eating food that can harm your sleep and focus on eating those foods that can aid good sleep. If after all these you still don’t notice a change in your sleeping pattern, then it is best to see a doctor for better diagnosis.