Some things you need to know before treating a rebonding hairstyle

model rambut bob panjang

Some people want to have naturally curly hair, others crave flawless straight hair. Both have the right to have more beautiful hair. If you belong to the latter group, you can try rebonding. The process of having a rebonding hair model requires a process that involves several tools, namely hair softener, plastic or metal boards, and flat iron.

After the hair softener is applied to the hair, some parts of the hair will be put on a plastic board and allowed to stand for a while. The duration of this process depends on the shape of the hair. So the more curly your hair, the longer the process of forming straight hair. Soon, the hair will be dried with a hair dryer and then given a special lotion. After that the hair will be dyed using a flat iron to ensure that all hair changes its structure to be straight.

The final result of rebonding hair models is straight, smooth and shiny hair. Although rebonded hair feels silky soft, and regular, it doesn’t mean you can ignore further treatment. Precisely treatment after rebonding is very important considering the hair is forced to shape and change from its natural structure. In addition, extra care is needed so that the results can last a long time. Curious what should be considered in treating rebonding hairstyles? Let’s look at some of the following tips

1. Choose the right product.

Hair softener used can make hair more vulnerable to damage. But by using the right product, you can minimize and even avoid damage. Use shampoo and conditioner that can make hair stay straight and awake.

To stay awake, you can try using the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner. This conditioner from TRESemmé has been proven to be able to maintain a variety of hair shapes, ranging from (model rambut bob panjang) long bob haircuts to short bob haircuts. The complete keratin content in it can smooth and make hair more moisturized, so it looks more naturally straight.

2. Wise in styling your hair.

Avoid messy hair styling. Leave your hair down for a week before starting to style it with a variety of braid or ponytail styles. So that the hair does not look stiff, you can change the hair style a little by adding a layer accent.

3. Dye and curl hair? Wait a minute!

Getting bored with straight hair and want to try something new? Avoid staining and curling process at least 6 months after rebonding. Give sufficient rest time before ‘whipping’ your hair with a variety of chemical product attacks again.

4. Age of rebonding hair.

Normally, rebonding hairstyles can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, but everything still depends on the natural shape of your hair because at 6 weeks new hair will grow. If your hair is curly, then you will see changes in the roots.

5. Hair length.

Rebonding hairstyles are not just for long-haired people. Men and women with short hair can also try it you know. In bob hair, this hairstyle looks ideal on flat cut hair, but you are still free to be creative with a variety of bob styles, such as asymmetrical bob, graduated bob, and others. In order to maintain its shape, you can also use the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner series.

Before deciding to rebonding, make sure you understand the procedure and its impact on hair. Do not be tempted because you have straight hair, you ignore the care needed by your hair.

Hopefully our guide can help you get rebonding hairstyles that are not only beautiful, but also healthy!