ways to start a trusted online business without capital

Online business has always been my interest, not because it is currently the Covid-19 pandemic, but because online businesses are the fastest growing marketing channel in Indonesia. What is the opportunity for an online business without capital, the best small capital? From surveys, research and reading literature, and of course experience, this is a list of the 10 best online businesses without capital.

The development of high growth in internet users in recent years in Indonesia has created opportunities to do business online.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 has increasingly made online business opportunities appear because people have to stay at home and do activities online.

I found several online business opportunities without capital that you can do and try to run.

Adsense is a paid advertising program from Google.

How to Get Started with ‘Google Adsense’

You act as a publisher, as owner of the media. For example, the easiest, your media is a blog.

The way Adsense works is similar to traditional media where advertisers place ad slots in your media and you get a commission for serving these ads.

But there is a slight difference in Adsense about how to pay for ads.

You will receive payment from Adsense only if a blog visitor clicks on the ad on your blog.

So, unlike traditional media, in Adsense, visitors must click on ads so that you can receive income from advertising.